For The Love of Education

If someone asked me 5 years ago if education is important, I would have been all over it and say of course! Now, it’s a different story just because what I know now has brought me to writing what education means to me. Here’s an article that got me winded up because I have a love and hate relationship with The Art Institute and how students and faculty spoke out.

Yes, you definitely want to be educated if you are going to a field that you are passionate about. Yet all the general classes I took should have been 1/2 the price if I did my research and thought about the other options when I returned to school. Many students  including me came out of school graduating (as well as dropping out) and leaving themselves in a big financial debt because he/she couldn’t pay for the piece of paper saying I got a degree.

After graduating, it took me awhile to realize that I needed more out of graphic design to be creative. Going back to school for another degree is not the only option. Since everything is online, I can continue to teach myself photography (with every resource and inspiration I can find) because you are just a click away from the answers you question. You can definitely have a job even without a degree. You just have to believe and continue striving what you want in life. If you have a dream that is realistic, measurable and attainable.


International Photographer Sue Bryce

During the first week of September, I had the opportunity to watch a live workshop of international award-winning photographer Sue Bryce. She is like a god to me. I first saw her photos when I was searching for inspirational photographers a couple months ago and when I found out she was teaching a seminar at CreativeLive, I had to listen in and watch all the amazing things she unfolded as a photographer and as well as a makeup artist. The time difference was tough, but I watched the entire 5 days. Wowzers! I couldn’t resist in purchasing the workshop – it is filled with so much information – unicorns and rainbows for me.

At the last day of the workshop, Sue Bryce announced 2 photography contests – one winner for a Canon 1D Mark IV and another winner for a makeup kit worth over $2000.00. I was very determined to enter before the deadline but it meant I had to gather all my resources in a few days. 24 hours before the end of the contest, I posted my before and after photo of my good friend Beatrice on Flickr. It felt good to do another contest even though I didn’t feel like I chose the right portrait to represent Beatrice. Nonetheless, I’m glad I did it and good luck to all the contestants who entered. 🙂

A few days ago, I was going through my daily dose of fashion websites and I found a photo that looked exactly like one of the entries. Now, I discredit the photographer who reposted the same photo concept to this contest. It was a great disappointment to see the same concept from this photographer because his image was captivating. What do you think, is it inspirational or another copy cat?

Image by Vikrant Tunious Photography

Animal Muse

As an artist, I know that many other artists like myself are ‘go green’, a humanitarian, and especially love some kind of animal. When I adopted Nalu in 2011 on my birthday, I felt like she took a ‘void’ out of my life. I really don’t know what I’d do if something happened to her. She is a part of the family and is included at the dinner table when we have lunch and dinner. Talk about spoiled.

Here is an article by Summer Anne Burton on BuzzFeed and how 16 great artists get inspired by their companions.

Photography by Penelope Peralta

Welcome Nakoa!

As always, I’m starting a blog post off, apologizing for the lack of blog posts! This time I actually have a good reason though! Just about a month ago, I gave birth to a beautiful boy, Nakoa!  I now have such a better understanding of what motherhood feels like and how your nights turn to days and days turn to nights. The sleepless nights, baby crying, diaper changing, baby puking, and all the necessary planning of the arrival of a baby…it’s a lot! I am just glad the whole delivery was recorded and the experience is only going to help me better if I have another child.

Photography by Penelope Peralta

Fabienne 2012

Angela (nickname Fabienne) was the first contest winner for Peralta Studio’s photo shoot contest. It took awhile to have her and her group to connect, but it finally happened. Fabienne’s features is not your typical woman that you would find in a magazine, but she was a trooper when it came to modeling in front of the camera. When we connected as far as what she wanted in her photos, it was magic. Her passion for make-up and fashion was what made her vision come to life. Thank you again for a wonderful day!

Photo by Penelope Peralta